Meet the Team

Nigel Short
Managing Director

Likes: Life | Cars | Aston Villa
Dislikes: Disloyalty | Dishonesty | Negativity

Shane Tout
Operations Director

Likes: Cricket | Rugby | Dance & Trance Music
Dislikes: PPI Calls | Anchovies | War

Terry Mohan
Design Manager

Likes: VW Campers | Historical Novels | 6 Music
Dislikes: Clothes Shopping | Mustard | Racism

Doug King
Senior Estimator

Likes: Sport | Photography | Being around family
Dislikes: Erratic drivers | Racism | Time wasters

Colin Wright
Business Development Manager

Likes: Red wine | Sunshine | New contracts
Dislikes: Winter | Negativity

Linda Bowen
Finance Manager

Likes: Art | Beautiful landscapes | Chocolate
Dislikes: The media | BMI | Violence

Garry Dufton
Warehouse Manager

Likes: Man Utd | Sub-Aqua | Fishing
Dislikes: Middle Lane Drivers | Tomatoes
Working until I am 66

Scott Howard

Likes: Skimboarding | Videogames | Baking
Dislikes: Hornets | Custard | Heights

Tom Gooding
Account Manager

Likes: Books | Coffee | Hummus
Dislikes: Cold & rain | Stupidity
Mobile phone addicts

Keelan Allman-Parsons
Account Manager

Likes: Bodybuilding | Social Networking | Football
Dislikes: Negativity | Drivers that don’t indicate
Being stuck behind slow walkers

Javier Reyeros
Account Manager

Likes: Real Madrid | House Music | Videogames
Dislikes: Rain on the weekend | Tomatoes

Zita Racz
Account Manager

Likes: Peanut butter | Google |  Chocolate
Dislikes: Gravy | Arrogance | Injustice

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