Dealing with your brand can be a nightmare…

…let us show you how to take the myth out of brand management and how to finally tame your Brand Monster!

Conduct an Audit

  • First of all, examine your brand performance through any available data and some research.
  • After your homework,  evaluate your competitors.
  • Agree and document your company vision & strategy.
  • Make everything easily available within your organisation to ensure consistency.

Communicate your vision

  • Create a supportive and inspiring experience within your company.
  • Keep your team well informed and provide them with the tools to make the most of your strategy.  Monitor procurement procedures for all of you operational and marketing materials.
  • Consider a digital eSupply portal to save time, cut cost and to take full control of sometimes overwhelming requests.


  • Keep your brand fresh and react to fast-moving markets. Maintain high standards with intelligent use of technology. Monitor new visual trends, consider contemporary designs.
  • Make strategic changes, slow and steady; Evolution not revolution.
  • Look out for new products and new marketing channels.
  • Schedule strategic reviews to reflect your goals and achievements.

Awareness & Credibility

  • Cross channel identity is a powerful approach to reinforce awareness and creditability. Think digital but don’t forget physical!
  • Promotional products build recognition and credibility even in the digital world.
  • Research shows that promotional merchandise has a positive effect on sales and improves your company image.

Finally, never be afraid to ask for advice. The besley & copp team are always happy to help you.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a brand champion, please contact us:  01392 477137

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