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The very first Bosch Service opened in Hamburg, Germany in 1921. Today it comprises a huge network of over 15,000 independently owned garages across more than 140 countries.

Bosch Car Service garages operate similarly to a franchise network and provide vehicle maintenance, repairs and diagnostics to an extremely high standard. Garages are able to carry out work under dealer warranty and to a Consumer Code of Practice approved by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI).

Although all independently owned, all garages carry the same common brand, offer a consistent service, as well as staff across the network all being trained to the same incredibly high level.

The Problem

Bosch Car Service asked besley & copp and it’s partner Purple Promotions to design an effective eProcurement solution for its UK and Eire network of independently owned garages.

Although they had an existing ‘WebShop’ in place for some branded merchandise and workwear, Bosch Car Service felt that the incumbent supplier running the WebShop had become complacent and their were many concerns including:-

Product quality across a number of product lines
High unit cost being charged
Long fulfilment times that had been slipping for sometime
Lack of customer service
In additional it was felt a limited amount of product lines were being carried, certainly nowhere near the full range of items that individual garages could be supported with.

Finally the WebShop portal itself was difficult to use, clunky in design and with no real logic to the user experience. Garages across the network found it laborious and confusing to use.

Bosch Car Service needed a new supply partner that would be both reliable, cost effective and streamline the overall experience.


After appointing a dedicated account manager we undertook a detailed audit to establish the the Webshop’s current usage. By doing so, we were able to establish the scale of the problem and fully understand the needs of Bosch Car Service centrally and it’s network of garages. Having identified the problem areas we were able to recommend a strategy.

The initial task was to move the existing WebShop onto besley & copp’s powerful eSupply Portal platform. The modular nature of the eSupply Portal gave Bosch Car Services greater scope for development enabling them to add more of their services and scale the business going forward. The improved navigation and user interface also delivered a much better user experience.

During the audit we were also able to give valuable feedback from the garages themselves, which led to a whole raft of new product lines being launched including:-

A more comprehensive range of branded promotional merchandise
Point of sale
Operational print
Marketing print
Branded workwear
Desktop stationery

The eSupply Portal solution can handle several currencies on the same platform. This was perfect, as shortly after the launch, the Irish network was added requiring all products to be offered in Euros.

The eSupply Portal has given Bosch Car Service the ability to aggregate cost across the whole network of 400 plus garages. Aside from the obvious unit cost savings, central administration costs are reduced as responsibility and management for procurement is pushed to a local level. Yet controls established centrally within the system enable Bosch Car Service to retain an overview of the whole network. Naturally wastage is also reduced.

Furthermore the inherent flexibility and scalability of the eSupply Portal allows huge scope to support the network in the future. This could include, but certainly not be limited to opportunities with customised print and mailing solutions. Its modular nature enables us to scale the solution to the needs of Bosch Car Service.

After solving all of the historical problems with the WebShop, we have recently added the ability to purchase thousands of Desktop Stationery products across the network harnessing the huge buying power of the network and brought savings of over 20% to the individual businesses. A real success!

As a pro-active partner supplier, besley & copp also supports the WebShop project by attending the network regional conferences throughout the UK. Aside from making them aware of new products and services, the conferences enable us to gain valuable feedback about the WebShop which is then fed into an on-going development programme. There is nothing better that first-hand experience to help you deliver a first class service!


So, in real terms what benefits and savings did besley & copp actually delivered to Bosch Car Service and its 400 plus members? Well in the first 12 months of the project alone we:-

Reduced lead times dramatically on a range of product lines
Reduced costs across the whole product range by up to 25%
Enabled BCS to aggregate costs across their entire network.
Reduced product pricing to individual garage owners
Introduced dual currencies
Rolled out our Desktop Stationery module
Bosch has been investing heavily in the Bosch Car Service brand with the aim of increasing the level of support that it gives to the garage network. The WebShop (powered by the eSupply Portal) now plays an active part in protecting and delivering the Bosch Car Service brand while supporting the individual garages at a local level.


Bosch Car Services

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