Are you unhappy with the product or service that we have provided?

We do our best to ensure that our customers receive a quality product and the best possible service.

While our team are pleased to receive praise for things we do well, we also want to hear when our service has not met your expectations so that we may take steps to improve your future experience.

We take all feedback seriously and try to sort things out as quickly and informally as possible. If you would like to raise a concern, please speak to a member of our support team or your Client Account Manager as they will often be able to put things right straight away.

Customer Services

If you are still unhappy after speaking to a member of our support team or your Client Account Manager, you can contact:-

Customer Service Director
besley & copp limited
3 Orchard Court
Heron Road
Sowton Industrial Estate
Exeter EX2 7LL

Tel: 01392 477137 or email
What we will do
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours by email or within 3 working days by post.
  • We will agree a resolution plan with you, including method and expected date of response.
  • We will investigate your complaint thoroughly.
  • We will be open and accountable.
  • We will act fairly and proportionately.
  • We will strive to put things right.
  • We will learn from your complaint and seek to implement improvement.

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