Being new @ besley & copp

Joining a new company at precisely the right time happens rarely but it does happen.

My background not being in print I was unsure on what to expect before starting work here, but 3 weeks later and I know I’ve made the right decision (although it feels longer). besley & copp are a busy, thriving, energetic and adaptable business who are constantly working hard, but doing it all with a smile on their face. I feel as though there is still a lot I have to learn but have already learnt so much, due to the amazing team around me.

We are currently going through a new re-brand and the new look just speaks volumes about the company. Having designed the e-supply portal to make ordering your print easier you can see that we are a print company who are keeping up with the world around us. Supplying many large franchise companies makes every day unique and interesting, and different, there is definitely never a dull day in the office.

From what I’ve seen so far this is a fast growing company (which is impressive for a company that have been around for more than 250 years) and one which I hope to succeed in.

If you need any form of print, from paper to promotional, this is the company you should be coming to.

Javier Reyeros
Client Account Support


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