Franchise Brand Management

The franchise sector is thriving with a record number of franchised operations in the UK today, equating to 44,200 individual franchisee businesses, employing 621,000 people and contributing around £15.1 billion to the UK’s GDP.*

*British Franchise Association (bfa)/Natwest Franchise Survey January 2016

In 2010 it was reported that 250,000 people were actively looking into owning their own franchise business. Unsuprising when you consider that in the retail sector alone only 5-8% of franchised outlets fail in the first two years of business opposed to 54% which are independently owned.

To the business owner, franchising presents one of the simplest ways of expanding a business, but it does present its own unique set of challenges, not experienced by conventional ownership. The fact that a franchised brand is made up of a network of individually owned small businesses raises the challenge of brand control and consistency of product across a growing network. And each of these businesses will have some level of autonomy, depending on the structure of the franchise agreement.

So how can besley & copp help nurture and support the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship:-


The eSupply Portal can provide a central purchasing or supply hub for all of a networks operational and marketing material:-

Aggregated product costs across the network

Reduced central administration

Cost centre management & reporting

Brand Control

The eSupply Portal can help you retain brand control but allow regional empowerment:-

Digital brand guidelines

Centralised asset management

Controls use and application of brand across a network

Marketing Support

The eSupply Portal can help a network distribute marketing material and campaigns quickly and effectively:-

Centrally generated and distributed material

Marketing remains on-brand and on-message

National campaigns tailored to a regional audience

Faster campaign roll-out, faster response to the market

Stakeholder Communication & Support

Franchisees need to be supported effectively and enjoy the benefit of best practice from across the network:-

Network-wide system

Ensure the consistency of a product or service across the network

Share best practice

Individual franchisee support

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