Have I Got (Franchisor) News for You !


If you’re like me, I’ve grown up on watching the BBC TV show ‘Have I Got News for You’ since it began way back in 1990. The fall from grace of Angus Deaton in 2002 added another twist, but enter a plethora of celebrities to take his place and the programme continued on its journey. Always courting controversy, they even let Jeremy Clarkson back into the seat after his demise from ‘Top Gear’.

Where is this going you may ask… But having one of the writers as a personal friend, I thought a tenuous link to this week’s guest publication Franchisor News was in order, given that over a 26 year period, it must have come up at some point!

If the Modern Ferret, Teddy Bear Times and Cranes Today can get in, why not Franchisor News! Well little did I know that 26 years on, I would be proudly advertising in Franchisor News, so I hope we get some airplay from Paul and Ian in the next series!

What’s not a joke is the continued expansion of the franchise sector and its contribution to the UK economy. With over 40,000 individual franchise businesses contributing over £15bn to the UK GDP, this is a thriving sector requiring specialist support.

Having steered besley & copp through one of the worst recessions in history, I realised early on that with such exponential growth, our 250 year old company needed to change direction and align ourselves with the franchise industry, quickly becoming one of the leading suppliers of design, print and promotional merchandise to the sector. Whilst expertise was important, the ability to react quickly to an order and to reduce costs was imperative which led to the birth of our eSupply Portal cloud-based system, designed specifically for the franchise and other multi-site businesses. De-centralising administration, web-based design services, and our procurement expertise are all rolled into a seamless portal allowing you to support and scale your network quickly and effectively.

If you are a franchisor looking to revolutionise your franchisee support and network supply chain, then we would love to talk to you. Working with start ups, established UK businesses and some of the world’s biggest franchise brand names, we have the experience in place to help you nurture or grow your business and support your franchisee network.

To find out how we have helped these brands, why not take a look at our Case Studies or take a few minutes to visit our brochure.


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