*Source: Royal Mail Market Reach/ Joint Industry Committee for Mail February 2019

In the digital age of relentless emails and social media posts, it’s refreshing to know that consumers still respond to a well designed and well written physical marketing message. Mail has always delivered an excellent return on investment (ROI) and still continues to do so, but it’s only recently that in-depth neuroscience studies have proven that mail has a profound impact on the consumers brain and their emotions. We all know that we have less than a few seconds to impress!

besley & copp is an experienced mailing partner helping you to find the most efficient and cost effective method of delivering your message to your customers. Whether you are using your own customer database or you are looking enhance this using our GDPR compliant data partner, we can help you reach out to your target audience with an innovative range of mailing services:

OurSmart® is a cost effective, quick and agile solution to get a physical marketing message in front of your audience. Working from brand approved or bespoke templates, OurSmart® enables you to personalise, print and deliver a high quality double-sided A5 mailing card using either our comprehensive consumer database or your own. With no commitment or subscription you are free to use as much as you want and when you want. Ideal for estate agents, opticians, automotive or any other B2C business requiring a flexible and time-sensitive delivery method.

OurSmart® OfficeMail is a cutting edge OfficeMail solution allowing you to print and send a physical letter from Microsoft Word in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to boxes of letterheads, envelopes and costly postage and say hello to a highly efficient, accountable, secure and low cost method of sending physical mail with no disruption to your working day. Just download and install a simple printer driver onto your PC or network and away you go.

OurSmart® SmartMail takes direct mail to a new level, utilising a range of smart technology to help increase response rates and improve the receipt and engagement experience. With personal URL’s (PURL), QR codes and agile landing pages, we merge the physical and digital worlds with a range of cost effective and dynamic marketing solutions. Cross Media campaigns are now simple to organise combining SMS, email, mail and so much more.

Direct Mail is the perfect solution if you need to get a physical marketing message in front of your target audience. There is no restriction on the size, format or what you can send, so the only limitation will be your imagination or your budget. Direct Mail is ideal for sending anything from a single leaflet or letter through to a complex sample pack or box, giving you the scope to be innovative, engaging and creative!

Royal Mail Door to Door

As an affiliate partner of Royal Mail, besley & copp can help you maximise the impact of a tried and tested postcode driven doorstep delivery service. Pick a postcode (or postcode sector) and get your marketing piece delivered without the need for a costly address database. Whilst this is volume-based approach, this is a cost effective and guaranteed way of delivering a campaign into your target area. Just sit back and let our team take care of everything from start to finish, from design through to print and contract management.

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