Fawlty Towers

In my opinion, Fawlty Towers is one of the greatest sitcoms to grace British television. Punchy, hilarious and completely wacky.

The only downside was that it only aired for 3 short seasons (12 episodes) and I’m sure that everyone’s life may have been a bit brighter with a bit more Manuel, although ‘he knows nothing’. John Cleese pulled off the perfectly insane hotel owner, who despised the one thing his whole business depended on, his guests! Creating some of the most memorable, and (at times) cringey, difficult to watch TV moments, Fawlty Towers was a truly masterminded production.

A lot of people may not know that the series was inspired by John Cleese’s personal experience in the Gleneagles Hotel and his character was based on the owner, Donald Sinclair, who Cleese described as “the rudest man I’ve ever come across in my life.” In my opinion, and maybe it was due to this real character he was able to draw from, there hasn’t been anything since which has been able to match that perfect, hilarious and bonkers sitcom.

I can say from my 4 years of working in hospitality that anything really can happen in this industry and although Fawlty Towers may seem completely crazy it’s only a slight exaggeration from the truth. I’ve met celebrities, dealt with hotel wide power cuts, wept at burst water pipes, and kicked out rowdy guests (and some uninvited ones too). That being said whilst in my previous position as a receptionist/manager in a boutique hotel I have also met some of the most quirky fantastic and inspirational people of my life so far.

In my experience I see it as an industry full of amazing, hard working people. As a lot of people know and recognize you have to have the right attitude for such a non stop, busy environment. Always wanting to provide the best service but as quickly as possible is a trait you must have to survive and succeed in hospitality, and every hotelier knows this.

Mr Cleese and I have both moved away from hotels but unlike John I joined the lovely customer support team at besley & copp. One thing I can take from my time in the hotel, besides the personal skills I’ve learnt, is that I know how much management is required to make the business ‘tick’. From Key Card holders to leaflets, menus & brochures, the list is endless and requires extremely tight stock control.

Well let me introduce our eSupply Portal which is the perfect business solution for any hotel network. Once a portfolio of products has been established, the eSupply Portal will allow designated members of your team to order items or personalise marketing material such as special offers or menus. The beauty of the system is that once the design or product has been agreed, you can sit back and do what you do best, which is looking after your guests!

You can see from some of the case studies. that we really do provide a great and efficient service and, I truly believe, are leading the field with design, operational & marketing print and promotional merchandise.

If you are a hotelier, manage a network of hotels or run a network of businesses please get in touch with us as we would love to tell you more about our great eSupply Portal and our services.

Javier Reyeros
Client Account Support


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