Take a look under your ‘brand’ bonnet

Brand matters

Business building is all about people, experience and brand. When we look after these assets we do our part in safeguarding our futures.

It almost goes without saying that your brand is one of the most valuable assets. For this reason, we should make every effort to manage it effectively.

We all know that keeping your car nice and polished on the outside does not mean that everything is running smoothly under the bonnet!

Franchising is built on promises and fulfilment at every level

The brand, in all of its elements, projects understanding and an expectation of promise fulfilment. However, when it comes to franchising and its many stakeholders, keeping the quality and integrity of branding on essential collateral can be a challenge.

A lack of care or attention will see the brand ‘breakdown’ and your marketing message diluted. To remove this threat to quality standards besley and copp has developed its eSupply Portal system. Our focus is to keep things running smoothly for you. We do this via providing your network with a cohesive range of products and services that are produced to your brand standards every time. These include:-

The franchisor provides the branding and oversees quality standards. Our eSupply Portal makes it easy for franchisees to select, order and pay for what they need. In addition, we provide franchisee by franchisee order reporting to the franchisor. This helps you to monitor branded promotional activity for each franchisee in your network.

The last thing you need is more admin

Looking after your brand is complex and requires a specialist approach. You may currently be stuck with the cost and hassle of managing branded goods internally. However, to grow effectively you owe it to yourself to work easier and smarter.

Our eSupply Portal system enables you and your team to get on with the business of revenue building. Leave the admin to us.

As we all know, brand management is not just about how you speak to your customers and how you look. It’s also about franchisee support, cost effective procurement, reducing centralised administration and having a delivery platform. It’s managing the latter where our eSupply Portal can be transformational for your business.

For besley and copp, freeing up valuable time so you can concentrate on sales growth is our mission.

For further information on how besley & copp can help your franchise network, visit our website at; www.besleyandcopp.co.uk or email franchise@besleyandcopp.co.uk

Short of time, just download our Franchise Brand Management


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