Breakout of Lockdown

Breakout of Lockdown

Covid has without a doubt hit us all like a ‘runaway train’ and we have all been left to crisis manage cash-flow and to find ways of stabilising our businesses. With cash-flow projections hopefully now addressed and damage limitation looking the best it ever will, at some point we will all need to look to the future, think positively and develop a marketing plan to re-engage with our customers.

At the time of writing, we still have another 2 weeks of the existing lockdown to get through and no real government exit strategy, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t think for ourselves. Whilst social distancing is in place which prevents face-to-face contact, there are still many ways that we can start to re-engage with our customers now.

A simple phone call

At home we love to talk, but during a normal business day, we seem to have forgotten the long-lost art of conversation and embraced something called email. This ‘devil spawn’ of communication was created so that we could all hide away from everyone and maximising our efficiency. OK, I agree with the efficiency side of things, but at times like this, you customers really appreciate a phone call and a good ol’ chat. Whether it’s to talk about the furlough scheme, DIY stores starting to re-open or their view on the football season being disrupted, a call will be well received giving you valuable insight into the customers sector and how it’s being affected.

Do something for nothing

With virtually no cash-flow and your creditors knocking on the door, this seems a ludicrous strategy, but from my own experience, this will cement your relationship with your customers post Covid. With many lucrative retainers or subscriptions paused, now is the time to show your customers why choosing your company was the best decision they ever made! For example, we have offered free design, gone overboard in the sourcing PPE and helped customers keep in contact with their own networks at an important time. This just required some time from our non-furloughed team and an understanding of the problems faced by our customers. Simple really…

Plan ahead

‘Lockdown’ does not have to mean shutdown and with a bit more time on your hands than normal, now is the time to plan ahead and put in place your post Covid marketing strategy. None of us of course know when the restrictions will be eased, but the good news is that at some point they will be lifted so why not use you time wisely and be prepared for when they do. This is an ideal time to review your systems, supply chain and pricing as many suppliers have time to talk to you to really understand your business and your needs. This is an ideal time to negotiate with suppliers to secure a discount or better value for money.

Well it would be remiss of me not to plug my own business but the nice people at besley & copp are here to help you use this time wisely and prepare for the inevitable upturn. The time you have at the moment could be incredibly valuable so why not get in contact for a no-obligation chat on how we can help your business get back on its feet with a range of marketing support services including print, design, direct mail and promotional merchandise.

It may not happen today or tomorrow, but at some point, we will get back to some sort of normality, and when we do, we would love to be by your side to share in your success!


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