I’m sure that many people (especially in their mid 20s) would have grown up watching the hit TV show Pokemon.

The original 151 Pokemon ‘species’ were an obsession for many children, and you knew you were the coolest kid in class if you had a shiny card! This multi billion company (worth £4 billion) all started as a concept based around insect collecting and became two little game cartridges. These two games eventually went on to span across video games, trading cards, animated television shows, movies, comic books and toys.

The original Gameboy games and trading cards were the talk of every playground in the mid to late 90s and are still a massive hit today. They regularly release games for each of the new handheld devices that come out, and each time announce a new batch of Pokemon for children to capture and collect. Companies who have tried to mimic their ideas and success but have failed. Pokemon is the true creature collecting franchise.

This weekend scrolling through my Social media feeds I can see that Pokemon have decided to bring this all back around to the 21st century. I have personally known about Pokemon Go for a while now and can see it’s something which has really taken off and already become globally popular (Pokemon’s shares have risen by 25% in the first week of it’s release).

Changing the dynamics from the Pokemon games and utilizing smart phone technology you can now capture your own Pokemon without having to own a Nintendo product. Using the GPS tracker in your phone and the camera you can now go out in to the real world and find them for yourself and battle for ‘gyms’.

Pokemon go hasn’t been officially released in the UK yet I can guarantee you’ll go out and see people (mostly mid 20s to 30s) out and about flicking their phone as if something’s wrong. It’s incredible how much this has really lifted off and has definitely made it a main talking point again! They’ve really come up with a great idea to ensure that their franchise carries on being as popular as it was 20 years ago and, with built in micro transactions, a massive money maker.

Smartphones are such a big part of our lives now and smartphone technology has changed the business and leisure world we live in.  In fact 2014 was the turning point with the number of people using smart phones exceeding  those using a desktop and with over 50% of online orders now coming from smartphones, it’s more important than ever that websites are mobile responsive to enhance the user experience and to make the ordering process quick & easy. Keeping up with technology is essential for any company to thrive and excel and similarly to Nintendo we realised this.

As a leading supplier to the franchise industry and other multisite businesses, we have invested heavily in making our eSupply Portal fully mobile responsive, allowing you to personalise and order your products wherever you are on the move. With a tap of your smatphone your whole network will have access to your company branding, marketing campaigns, promotional merchandise, operational print and much more.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see how the eSupply Portal and our team can change your business for the better

To find out more, take a look at our brochure to see some of the great work we’ve done


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