The way in which consumers engage with your business is changing

In today’s ever crowded marketplace, brands must communicate in more and more diverse methods to reach their target audience. From a Google search to the posting of a humble printed leaflet, we are all trying to find ways to reach customers and tell our story.

Whilst digital media has allowed us to communicate quickly and cost effectively with our customers, what recent research has found is that our emotional response is heightened more when we receive something physical. It has a direct effect on your senses and can be a defining moment in the customers engagement with your brand.

Royal Mail have just published a great piece of research titled The Private Life of Mail, looking at just what happens to a mail piece beyond the doormat. It’s a fascinating read into our emotional interaction with printed mail and how our emotional responses are triggered by the sensations of touch. Using a combination of CCTV, detailed interviews and 14 different focus groups, Royal Mail uncovered some interesting facts about our habits and responses.

38% of customers surveyed said that the physical properties of the mail piece influenced how they felt about the sender.

57% of customers surveyed felt more valued having received physical communication.

23% of mail is shared within the household.

Door Drop mail is kept in the house on average for 38 days.

*Royal Mail Group: The Private Life of Mail

Without a doubt, it’s important to have a good mix of distribution channels in your marketing strategy. based on Royal Mail’s research and a bit of common sense, printed mail should not be underestimated.

But mail is expensive

If you are currently sticking a stamp onto a letter you have printed in your office, then at 58p for a 2nd Class letter then yes, it is! There are however are many alternative ways of reducing you mailing costs considerably depending on your requirements.

If you are looking to mail a piece into a large area, then Royal Mail’s Door to Door service is by far the most cost-effective method of distribution. For example, we can print and deliver 10,000 A5 leaflets for just 9p (+ VAT) per address to a single or multiple postcode areas.

If you want to be more targeted with your audience then go for a Direct Mail solution.(based on home owner, council tax band or house value perhaps) The costs will be higher (around 50p + VAT per address) but this should include the address data, print and post.

Making print work smarter

The way in which consumers engage with your business is changing, so it’s more important than ever to embrace new ideas and find a smarter way of getting a return on your printed ROI. Technology needn’t be expensive and working with the right supplier, they will show you can improve engagement with a range of services such as VR, image watermarking, microsites and the resurgence of the QR code.

Even Apple (and Snapchat) have recently included a QR reader into IOS 11 so there is no need for a separate App, taking away another barrier of engagement. …and where Apple go, the rest of us are sure to follow!

Office Mail is another area that we can help you manage better. Create your letter in Word, press ‘print’ and of it goes to be delivered by Royal Mail. No letterheads to print, no envelopes to buy and no time wasted taking post to the post box!

Choosing the right mailing partner

Working with an experienced mailing supplier is important as there are many different services available. From bulk door drops to geo-demographic mail, besley & copp can help bring print back into your marketing mix.

Let’s add a bit of technology, and ultimately help you engage better with your customers.

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