Engaging with your customers using a wide range media channels is important and although direct mail can seem expensive in comparison to digital, it’s ROI has increased due to the switch to home working over the pandemic period. Although we now have a government roadmap to return to normality, the home working habits will die hard and many more sales opportunities will come from the humble doorstep.

Percentage of people that engaged with mail in Q2 2020
Percentage of customers who paid the same or more attention to mail during lockdown

When the government chose to communicate with the nation about the pandemic, in addition to TV, it chose a letter over digital to speak to the heart of every home. This not only underlines the importance of mail in an official capacity, but it was driven by our changing habits and our new found enjoyment of receiving mail on our doorstep. Whether it was a gardening catalogue or an invitation for a car insurance quote, we all welcomed the delivery and actually engaged with the content.

Whilst we now have cause for optimism, the transition from enforced home-working back to a full-time office environment will take many months with many businesses actively encouraging a home-working flexible approach. Without a doubt direct mail will become more effective and your ROI will increase.

Getting your product or service to market quickly and cost effectively is essential and with OurSmart you can do just that. Ideal for all B2C focused businesses including estate agency, opticians and the automotive sector, OurSmart provides you with a seamless work-flow to merge your marketing collateral and consumer data. In just a few clicks you can choose a predefined design template, personalise, then choose your target area and demographic audience from our GDPR compliant data partners. All of this is in a quick and seamless process with no contract, no monthly subscription and no commitment.

1. Fully branded eye-catching designs

3. Search suitable properties in your local area

2. Personalise using images & text

4. Review and cleanse your addresses before sending

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