Magical Maths


From the launch of his first tuition business in 2010, Colin Bradford has been on a mission to make learning fun for primary school children. With the business growing exponentially, Colin drafted in his older sister, Dr. Jenni Bradford, to help to put together a range of maths clubs that were trialled successfully in their home town of Leicester.

With such an amazing response to the initial clubs, it was now time to make this commercial and franchise the idea across the U.K. The magical journey started!

The Problem

Whilst Colin and Jenni were able to handle the first few franchisees and deal with their support and resource requests, it quickly became apparent that they would need to come up with a more robust strategy if they were grow as quickly as they would like. Although the lesson feedback from schools was fantastic, Jenni was concerned that the quality of the lesson resources was being called into question, so it was time to find a supplier that would not only understand the subject matter, but would also be able to produce quality resources for the every-growing franchise network.

The Solution

Following a simple Google search, Jenni and Shane met up in Leicester to explore the possibility of out-sourcing their design and print requirements. Jenni was of course looking at other suppliers alongside besley & copp at the same time, but very quickly we were able to give her confidence that we had understood her requirements fully and that we were experienced with the franchisor/franchisee relationship. With a creative design team, stock management and logistical experience, we had all the elements in place to support the growth of the Magical Maths brand and all future initiatives. Our design team even brought Professor Poopenstinken and the rest of the characters to life by illustrating all of them!

The eSupply Portal was critical to the successful running of this project, so we designed and built a fully branded version which would enable rapid scalability and control. Unlike many other systems suppliers, we fully support our portals with ‘real’ people and a ‘can do’ attitude, helping to reduce the call on the franchise central administration team. We also provided a fully ecommerce version of our portal, allowing franchisees to pay be credit/debit card alleviating any potential internal cash flow issues.


In our second year of operation, besley & copp now support the on-going requirements of the Head Office franchise team and over 30 franchisees. We are just turning our attention to club 5 with an inventory of over 200+ products and services. The Magical Maths franchise is now on target to help over 150,000 children around the UK love maths!

Now that’s magic!


Magical Maths

Project Dates


“Because of their expertise besley & copp have become a true partner in the Professor Poopenshtinken’s Magical Maths success story. We have been delighted with their service, and with a solid foundation now in place in terms of brand management, procurement and our great eSupply Portal website,we have everything we now need to scale our business and continue our magical journey.”

Dr. Jenni Bradford
New Woman Franchisor of the Year – Winner 2015

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