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Co-operative Financial Services is the group of businesses that includes The co-operative insurance and The co-operative bank along with Smile and Britannia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) which was established way back in 1872 and today has a turnover of £14 billion making it the worlds largest consumer co-operative.

What sets the bank apart from its competition is it’s strong ethical values along with a commitment to innovation. From launching it’s revolutionary National Centre for Business and Ecology – Advising SME’s with a low cost, high quality environmental advisory service, to free banking and interest bearing current accounts, The co-operative bank has always been at the forefront of banking innovation and ethical trading.

The co-operative bank is a major player in the UK banking sector, with over 115 bank branches, 4000 employees and an ATM estate of over 2300 locations.

The Problem

With such an extensive network of ATM , bank & retail locations, it is unsurprising that The co-operative bank has a huge print requirement and associated spend. Despite this, at the time the bank had an unfocused print procurement system. With no online option, branches had to place orders by fax. This in turn gave no real mechanism to track orders, or for reporting or aggregate print procurement across the wider company.

Branches and Cash Carriers would regularly over-order ATM Consumables, resulting in increasing amounts of capital being tired up in unused stock.

Print being such an important part of their business, The co-operative needed a supplier that combine meticulous logistics, high service levels and an innovate approach to Print Management.

A partner that understood print for banking and finance.


besley & copp already had experience of The co-operative branch network. In addition we had a solid knowledge of print for the banking and finance sector  from years of supplying customers with ATM  consumables, PIN mailers, cheques, giros, payroll, bar-coding, security tags, pressure seal mailers and Point-of-sale print.

Our initial print audit identified that Quality Control of ATM consumable products was vital due to hardware specifications. Luckily the knowledge gained from already working with the banks ATM estate and the fact that we would regularly meet and liaised with The Co-operative’s technology supplier benefited this new project.

The audit also highlighted the time-sensitive nature of order processing and fulfilment.

We built, installed and tested a branded version of our eSupply Portal solution in just under 14 days. In addition we provided telephone support for both bank branches and the co-operative’s third party cash carrier.

In order to prevent locations over ordering ATM  rolls, besley & copp put in place a stringent stock control mechanism via using the eSupply Portal. At the touch of a button we can now advise The co-operative how many rolls have been ordered or are in the network at any one time.

In 2011 besley & copp launched a new FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council) ATM roll material for the whole of The co-operative’s ATM network. This brings the ATM consumables inline with the bank’s ethical trading policy.


Today all of the banks 2300 ATM locations are supplied via besley & copp’s eSupply Portal solution. The co-operative Bank now has centralised control on ATM consumable spend and the benefit of aggregated costs. Yet centralised administration cost have been reduced as ordering can be done ‘just in time’, regionally.

besley & copp’s relative small size and low cost base has been attractive to a number of high street banks and financial institutions. This co-operative bank case study shows how besley & copp is able to respond quicker to customer needs than larger, more cumbersome print management suppliers.


The co-operative bank

Project Dates


“besley & copp have been suppliers to The co-operative bank for over 12 years, supplying ATM receipts, ATM signage and decals.

The Bank has built a good relationship with this company, whose staff we have found to be friendly, professional, co-operative and quick to react to the Bank’s various requests. We have found that Besley & Copp provide competitive pricing and options to assist us developing our business.

A good working partnership has developed and this company is a pleasure to do business with.”

Mike Stallard
ATM Relationship Adviser

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