The BrandHub was created with the marketing challenges faced by franchises, estate agents & multisite organisations in mind. From one place, our elegant web-based solution showcases your brand assets, marketing communication & entire product portfolio across your branch network.

When you empower a branch to take care of their local marketing material, it’s easy for the the brand to become damaged or diluted, resulting in an inconsistent marketing message and minimal engagement. The BrandHub removes these inconsistencies by simple branch profiling and the management of an approved product range, maintaining the brand integrity and streamlining purchasing and manufacturing.

From Manchester to Minneapolis, the result is an instantly recognisable brand across every channel where the materials are shared. Quality is controlled & purchasing is made simple & cost-effective by leveraging economies of scale.

How we do it

Creativity & attention to detail at an affordable price

From exhibitions to business cards & everything in between, inside BrandHub you will find your design portfolio, catalogued and ready for your network of users to start creating their personalised marketing messages. If, however, you need some help creating these designs, our design studio has an excellent reputation for taking a brief and creating something wonderful.

Providing low cost, quality print solutions for over 270 years

Once we’ve discussed your requirements & built a library of these products & services, we’ll help you to create a physical presence that can be delivered to the desired audience. Our print services offer a high-quality, low-cost solution to create anything from the most basic leaflet to the obscure.

Helping your brand create a lasting impression

Merchandise plays a huge role in keeping your brand alive in the minds of spectators. Pens, keyrings, badges & more, we house an extensive collection of merchandise to suit all budgets, ready for your BrandHub designs to be applied.

Deliver marketing directly from BrandHub to your customers doorstep

We’ve made direct mail straightforward with our in-built address finder that covers over 29 million UK residential addresses. With the BrandHub’s direct mail feature, your imagination sets the limit as there is no restriction on the size, format or content of what you can send. The best part? Courtesy of Royal Mail, we’ll send it straight to your customer’s front door in just 2-3 days.


Franchise & Multisite

Managing your brand identity within a franchise or multisite network is not an easy task – unless you have BrandHub at your fingertips.

Estate Agents

Thanks to our experience in the industry, some of the most influential estate agencies in the UK now trust BrandHub to manage their brand assets.

Take control of your brand with BrandHub

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