Estate Agency Branding the 'Luscombe Way'

Heritage & Quality Personified!

It speaks volumes that Luscombe Maye has been established since 1873. When R.H Luscombe & Sons laid the foundations to the business over 150 years ago, neither the property market nor Luscombe Maye has stood still. What was first established as agricultural auctioneers, land and estate agents is now a thriving 8-branch business, operating across sales, lettings and professional services in the South Hams, Devon.

Truly customer focused

An award-winning business, Luscombe Maye consistently out-performs its competition, combining its unique heritage and expertise with cutting edge technology and a passion to provide the ultimate customer experience. This is more than obvious given their impressive regular customer reviews:

"Professional and thorough service from the start. They dealt with any issues throughout in a calm, genuine, confident, no nonsense and reassuring way. Very impressed and will use again. First class estate agency."
A very happy Luscombe Maye Client

Evolution not revolution!

2022 saw a major investment in the Luscombe Maye brand providing the company with a springboard for growth. Remaining ‘relevant’ was key, but combining this with such a rich heritage was not easy task, but with the candle burning at both ends, the aim was finally achieved and the new brand was launched.

"With the business approaching its 150 years anniversary, the Luscombe Maye Directors were keen to refresh the brand and celebrate the continued success of the company across all its departments. The rebrand was not a full scale redesign of the corporate image - when you’ve been in business for 150 years the Directors felt they didn’t need to reinvent the wheel."
Theo Spink, Director

Let's get the Rolls Royce out of the garage!

With the new brand launched, it was time to show it to the world, so the Luscombe Maye marketing team set to work introducing the brand to their team and of course their customers. This seemed the easy bit until their Marketing Manager left the business, leaving this key position shared between several of the Directors. Whilst manageable, this was not a long-term solution so a decision had to be made to either re-employ or alternatively to seek outside marketing support to help drive the business forward. Given the level of expertise and vision of the Directors, the decision was made to seek an external experienced marketing partner to underpin this vision and to help support the Directors and branch network. The aim of course to help the Branch Managers to maximise the opportunities that the new brand could bring. Whatever the final solution, the Directors required full visibility and final approval of all brand use.

The solution: Creativity + BrandHub + Real People!

Agility is key to a successful relationship and besley & copp know well that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. Armed with a full understanding of the requirements, besley & copp were able to dove-tail into the existing Luscombe Maye relationship, filling in the creative and operational gaps required to provide a cohesive solution.

The approach focused on three main areas:


Using our creative team, we put in place an ideas-focused design service, reducing costs, and improving response times. Working closely with the Directors and Branch Managers we translated business objectives into marketing campaigns, creating personalised design assets to be used across all media channels.  

Brand Management

The Nerve Centre of our solution was our BrandHub platform allowing the branches to self-manage their brand requirements from an approved range of material. Gone were the days of ‘shared drives’ and fragmented design assets, and in came a slick easy to use platform, giving branches instant access to all the latest material, pre-approved and ready for use. From brand guideline documents through to marketing campaigns, print, social media assets, promotional merchandise and direct mail, everything was under one roof and ready for use across the network of offices.


Whilst our BrandHub technology has been a major leap forward for Luscombe Maye, our support team made the real difference, on-hand to service the varied needs of the branch network. From questions on brand use to bespoke requirements and the sharing of ideas, the support team worked closely with the Directors and Branch Managers offering telephone, email and LiveChat support to further enhance the relationship.

"Luscombe Maye is thrilled to have found such a perfect partner for its marketing needs. Communication and speed of delivery on ideas and concepts have been exceptional and enabled the business to press on with new projects effortlessly, fully supported by the team at B&C at every turn."   
Theo Spink, Director

If you would like to find out more about our estate agency services and our BrandHub platform, just contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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