Easystorage trust besley & copp to deliver the 'cool' stuff

easyStorage is a member of the easy family of brands. With their “no-frills approach to storage & nationwide franchises spanning the length of the country, they wanted to empower their franchisees with a ‘self-serve’ brief that puts them in control.

An 'easy' objective

The brief from easyStorage was clear. They wanted to enable franchisees to ‘self-serve’ all of their brand assets and campaign information– the ultimate goal being to reduce the number of touch points within the business allowing fewer opportunities for failure & encouraging greater efficiency.

Making things 'easy'

Having the BrandHub as one central resource makes it easier & better for franchisees to locate and use their brand assets. This avoids unnecessary head office cost & support, the incorrect use of brand assets & a unified approach towards supply.

By centralising the supply of physical and digital materials, we enabled easyStorage franchisees to enjoy a consistent level of quality & control across all of their brand assets. Combined with seamless integration of the company’s intranet also ensured that marketing materials were only are made available to the appropriate stakeholders

To further increase the value of the BrandHub within the business, we also integrated a section so that 'best practice' best practice' could shared within the business. Being a central point of call for everything branded, storing campaign information and guidance made perfect sense!

The cherry on the proverbial cake for ‘the fridge’ – easyStorage’s internal name for the BrandHub as “that’s where all the cool stuff is” – is the group buying power it provides. Within the BrandHub, easyStorage were able to order the same smaller quantities while benefitting from the price range of buying in bulk – as a result, prices are kept to a minimum without franchisees having to independently source in small quantities.  It's that 'easy'!

Don't take our word for it

“Our primary goal is to empower franchisees and make their lives as easy, and ultimately, as profitable as possible. The BrandHub, or fridge, as we have come to know it, has come a long way to help us achieve just that. It is great to see besley & copp investing in the BrandHub to continue to improve the services they provide, and we look forward to witnessing their continued development to enhance our company offering in the future.”

Nigel Dawson, Franchise Director


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