Meyers, the 'Estate Agent Rebels' and the besley & copp BrandHub

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Average hours saved a month using BrandHub
Average hours saved a month using BrandHub

About Meyers

Owned by Mark & Claire Meyers, Meyers Estate Agency has made a name for itself as the ‘estate agency rebels’. With specially designed systems & processes to complement lifestyles & profit from any location, their focus on providing truly outstanding customer service & value for money has placed them in the top 3% of estate agents in the UK, as voted by the Best Estate Agents Guide with a rating of ‘excellent’. 

Launched in Dorset, the business is on a nationwide franchising journey & now operates across 11 locations. As franchisees’ interest in Meyers from across the UK grew, so did the challenges surrounding brand management. With the franchisee network growing & its demands increasing, their Poundbury HQ was spending a great deal of unnecessary time managing the day to day design requests; taking valuable hours away from the administration team. Also becoming difficult to manage were the multiple outsourced design services, which were creating danger for brand dilution & miscommunication amongst its customers. 

Fortunately, Mark was quick to realise this danger & the difficulties his team were facing. After seeking advice, he was put in touch with besley & copp & found the solution in our BrandHub.

How the BrandHub helped Meyers

Following an initial meeting at the Meyers HQ, besley & copp were able to quickly identify & understand the problems faced by the business. Within weeks, we were able to audit Meyers brand assets & start advising on an efficient & scalable long-term solution for continual management. 

In a short space of time, besley & copp worked with the Meyers team to identify, quality check & centralise all of Meyers brand assets, giving the BrandHub a solid foundation. From here, the franchisee network was profiled and the Meyers 'Store' (BrandHub) was born, creating a single-source access point for everything Meyers.

With the help of our extensive supply base and buying power, we were able to put in place a full range of estate agency centric products including Print, Social Media, Promotional Merchandise & Direct Mail, all topped off with our 5-star rated franchisee support service.

As a result of Mark's decision to adopt the BrandHub, central administration costs were reduced, efficiency was increased & those valuable lost hours had been regained. 

Don't take our word for it

Mark Meyers says: “Shane & his team have consistently gone above & beyond for us, even through Covid turbulence, to dedicate the skills & time required to help organise & distribute the Meyers Brand assets from one easy to access point with the best quality vs pricing we could create.” 

Like Meyers, at the heart of besley & copp lies an appreciation for quality communication & a desire to always create the best outcome for our customers. We’re thrilled to hear Mark confirm that we were able to achieve this for the Meyers team, & we look forward to sharing future developments with the team as our products & services continue to innovate.

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