5 Years Supporting the Exeter Leukeamia Fund (ELF)

A long term partnership

besley & copp is proud to have supported local charity Exeter Leukaemia Fund (ELF) since 2017, donating over £4000 of marketing services.

To help this incredible charity, we volunteer our creative services, offering free branding and design support for ELF to ensure a professional approach to their marketing. This support enables ELF to stand out and effectively raise awareness of its support services to patients & families, as well as promoting fundraising opportunities in the local community to help fund these services. Working alongside ELF’s small team besley & Copp’s professional services help lighten the load on the team meaning they can focus their resources supporting many more patients and families.

Amazing work by amazing people

Dealing with a blood cancer or disorder is life changing and scary. Treatment often requires lengthy procedures meaning days, weeks or months at a time in hospital and possibly months or years of follow up. Every week, hundreds of patients are treated in Yarty Ward at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. Exeter Leukaemia Fund is there to support them and their families both in the hospital and in the local community. ELF's vision is that every family affected by blood cancers and blood disorders across the Southwest receives compassionate, tailored support. ELF lightens the load, supporting families from diagnosis, through treatment and after treatment. The support that ELF offer includes transport, accommodation, counselling, physiotherapy, equipment, financial and legal services.

A devasting pandemic but a resilient organisation

With over 90% of charities affected by the recent pandemic, ELF's ability to deliver their life-changing services was put in jeopardy. In order to safeguard services and the 30-40% shortfall in donations, ELF had to alternative but to restructure their organisation and scale back many vital services. This involved a new vision and plan with fewer staff and a leaner operation, designed to ensure both ELF’s sustainability and continuity of support to their staff and patients of Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.

ELF is an incredibly resilient organisation and with some creative thinking from their team, many of the services curtailed by the pandemic have been restored and in some cases enhanced. With the help of some amazing independent counsellors for example, ELF are now able to offer extended patient counselling services away from the hospital, supporting the patient & families coming to terms with a diagnosis.

So how can you help

There are many ways that you or your business can help ELF. From organising an event, taking on a bucket-list challenge or embracing the charity within your corporate CSR.

If you would like to support this amazing charity or would like to make a donation, please contact Gary Moore, Fundraiser on
07918 731582 or email garym@elfcharity.org.uk

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